H.S.A. Plan with a High Deductible Saved $1,548!


Eddie had not met his health insurance $3,500 deductible for the current year, but he needed to get an CT Abdomen & Pelvis with Contrast, and was referred to a local hospital. He called both his insurance company and the local hospital, only to discover that he would be responsible for the full allowable amount of $2,556 because the entire amount would be applied to his annual deductible. Eddie contacted Innovative Medical Imaging, and was very pleased to discover their allowed amount would be $1,008. So Eddie paid for the CT Abdomen & Pelvis with Contrast with his H.S.A. and kept the $1,548 difference in his H.S.A. for future medical costs.
(Note that Eddie would save an additional 20% off the $1,008 cost if he paid in full at the time of service.)